[AIT2] Validator/FullNode - High Performance - Geolocation - Nuernberg/Helsinki - 0xSnowman#1975

Brief description:
I am a longtime blockchain enthusiast and a virtualization specialist by trade as a senior consultant. I’ve been with Avalanche Blockain since the genesis generation and run several validators on different continents. I still have great advantages from avalanche back then and see them in aptos. Since I have gained a lot of experience in the field over the last few years, I would like to apply for my validator

General information:
I act purely privately and would rather bring my contribution and experience to the great community

Communication Channels:
I always hang out in the aptos discord channel and you can reach me there as 0xSnowman#1975

Technical Details:
It is important to contribute the best performance and quality . Therefore I rented 2 dedicated root servers with dedicated hardware with nvme high performance disks for aptos ait2. My experience from the avalanche blockchain shows that high-performance servers are important in for a blockchain. My dedicated root server Validator node runs in Nuernberg, Germany and the dedicated FullNode in Helsinki, Finland

as a reference, one of my avalanche mainnet validators that has been in operation since 02/28/2022 and has an uptime of 99.13%! if you look at the history has already been successfully validated several times.