[AIT2] validator duality

Hi! My name is Igor.
I am individual validator, I have been participating in various testnets for about 2 years (Rizon, Nym, Kichain, Umee, Pylons, Idep, AssetMantle, Archway, Quicksilver, forta)

I am a mainnet validator (AssetMantle, Konstellation, Gravitybridge, Provenance, Galaxy)




I can be useful to the project with my skills and abilities.
About my skills: I make various content (infographics, memes, gifs), art content, translate and write articles, mount videos.

I run my Medium blog, which hosts many translations and articles I have written. Here is a link to my blog:

There are a lot of articles in my blog, but especially translations into Russian and Bulgarian.
I have been involved in cryptocurrencies for two years. I also have significant experience as an Ambassador for other projects such as Zunami, Moonbeam, PlanetQuest, Goldfinch and more.
I also want to provide you with a link to my Twitter https://twitter.com/Igor211988189 There are a lot of different works on my Twitter page.

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