[AIT2] Validator Doyousmokeornotcommon

Hello dear community!

  • My skills of node operator starts long time already. I was in many others blockchain testnets like validator, operator or miner.
    Aptos one of the most popular, fast, scale and technology hieghst in new level of web3 blockchain with biggest community.
    I try to participate and the main reason for me is the chance to be a part of new level blockchain with safe, scalable, and upgradable smart contract platform. Crypto is future of our lives, so my mission try to partisipate in the best testnets.
  • General information: Discord: Doyousmokeornotcommon#8287, Location: Thailand, Languages: Thai, English
  • Communication Channels: https://nodes.guru/
  • Technical Details: hosting: Contabo, Server: Germany, Dusseldorf, Server Settings: 6/16/400