[AIT2] Validator dmatvey. Would you like a little exotic? No more word! Johannesburg, South Africa

Hi! My name is Daniil,

I’m a crypto enthusiast since 2018 and continue learn and grow up in this way, like most of you guys). Since this year I started to learn how to set up and operate the hodes. For now I’ve involved in sort of projects as Forta, Kyve, Starknet, Sui, Subspace. Also I would like to thanks everyone who support community and newcomers with all basics things and some times stupid questions , it is really important. Learned a lot from you! I appreciate it!

Good luck everyone!

Johannesburg, South Africa
200GB SSD Storage

Speak Russian and English
Telegram: @dmatvey88
Discord: dmatvey#9787

voted! if you have an extra voice, please vote for me. I’ll be very grateful

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