[AIT2] Validator Crito

Hi, team!
Im a validator by profession. Im good at creating and maintaining (maintenance/running) a validator for NYM, Umee, Moonbeam, Aleo, Ironfish, Kyve networks, I`m a validator in the Particia Blockchain mainnet, I was a Moonbeam ambassador in terms of validators, so you can trust me for most uptime and max connection. Ive got on 400 SSDs, and for the Validator and for the Fullnode that is with it, there is plenty space for a wide loading. 2-3 months ago I found Aptos as a promising project. I have studied the project, and became interested in the Testnet. Unfortunately, in the 1st Phase my node was not accepted, however I will try to participate in the 2nd stage. Already launched a validator and a fullnode on different machines and prepared for max of uptime and all the of technological tasks. I speak 4 languages: English, German, Armenian, and Russian."

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