[AIT2] Validator cherideal#1153

Hello everyone, we are the long-term validators of the oasis protocol network. We have participated in the whole process from the launch of the testnet to the mainnet. We have reported to the oasis protocol team many issues in the process of node deployment and operation. This is my node link https://www.oasisscan.com/validators/detail/oasis1qzp84num6xgspdst65yv7yqegln6ndcxmuuq8s9w, and we are also very familiar with the deployment of other various blockchain project nodes. At the same time we are defi developers. We are currently developing a DEX that shares liquidity with AMM and orderbook. This is the docs link about the dex: https://docs.hybridx.exchange, we will consider building this project on the aptos network later. Please vote for us.