[AIT2] Validator brightstar666

Hi guys, my name is Volodymyr and I am from Ukraine (yes, yes). I am a crazy crypto enthusiast having been involved in various crypto projects and would like to present my humble personae to become aptos validator

  • Technical background, have been an IT admin in a few companies managing their network infrastructure, mastered Linux on my own from books/practice
  • Not employed by anyone, work for myself, speak Russian/Ukrainian/English
  • You can contact me on @DongDing69 (telegram) or johnsmith323#5525 (Discord)
  • Using reliable VPS infrastructure + my own hardware at home. Very high uptime and solid connection

Please give me a chance and upvote, many thanks in advance.


I give my vote to you. Good luck

Good luck and all the best wishes!

Take my vote and good luck, mate!

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:wink: my vote. Wish win!

Hey! Best of luck with this!!

My vote goes to you, good luck!

This chap has helped me a lot to set Subspace node. Good luck!