[AIT2] Validator Borsh

Greetings community! It’s a pleasure to be here. Nice to meet you.
My name is Andrii from Kyiv, Ukraine. I’m running a node in Aptos testnet.
I was involved in crypto mining in 2017-2020, then became a node operator and ambassador.I am a member of some great International and Ukrainian crypto communities. Participant: Solana, The Graph, Mina, Goldfinch, Sandbox, etc.

I have a small team of 3 engaged people: developer, researcher, and marketing.
To become a reliable validator, I always have my hardware ready. It is AMD Ryzen 7, 64gb ram, 1060 6gb, located secure in Kyiv, with high-speed internet (1000mb/s) and additional power supply.

Aptos is a very cool project, that’s why I would lovely become a part of it)
Thanks for your reaction. Good luck everyone!
Discord: andfat#4230
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MyasnikovaS_
Github: azbookin (azbookin) · GitHub


Hello, my friend! My vote is your vote! :slight_smile:


Ukrainian borshch is delicious meal! :star_struck:


Hello good evening,How nice to meet you! Good to see you

Good luck! God save Ukraine! :ukraine: