[AIT2] Validator bayevs

Hi, my name is Alex and I have more than a year of running nodes experience, I’m a tech-minded person, crypto-enthusiast and the leader of the local Ukrainian crypto community.

During the time i run nodes, I took part In these projects:
Joystream, NYM, Moonbeam, Zeitgeist, Bit.Country, Evmos, SSV, Celestia, UMEE, Minima, Massa, Masa Finance, Aleo, Kyve, Ironfish, Gear, Subspace, Pontem, Forta, Penumbra, Sei, Humannode, Starkner, Stratos etc.

Except of running nodes I’m trying to help the community as an ambassador. I have 14 years experience in design so I can create different types of graphics and animations.

I fluently speaking on Russian Ukrainian and English languages and also currently learning Spanish. I always improve my skills and knowledge

You can contact me any time by
Discord: bayevs#9727
Telegram: @bayevs
Twitter: @bayevs
Instagram: @bayevs (I have more than 18k followers there, because I like traveling and photography)

Technical details: I usually run the nodes on VPS, VDS or dedicated servers on Hetzner and Contabo.

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