(AIT2) Validator Bar/Good luck to everyone!

Hello there!
I, Andrew, and I have been working with web 3 and cryptocurrencies for about half a year. During this time I managed to interact with such projects as: IronFish, KYVE, Aleo, Sui, Masa, SubQuery and others.

I hope all participants who take part in this event will also get a reward. because we have wasted time, thought and money. to try this project. and we have verified identity ID and bought vps for this event

My Node Validator : Bar
Twitter @19BarMan19

Technical details: i use VPS and dedicated servers (2 cores/4 GB/100 GB) OS: Ubuntu 20.04 (64 Bit)
I will be grateful for your votes


Sounds interesting :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks, good luck to you!