[AIT2] Validator: azfarz

Hello everyone my name is azfarz ganang and im from indonesia my experience in crypto started in 2021, im currently an crypto investor and mostly an NFT collector mainly in solana network.
im also an community manager at EOcommunity an nft and crypto community from indonesia.
im actively being a tester for multiple project and currently running node for meson and subquerry.
im familiar with linux system because im graduate from software enginering on highschool so im familiar with linux and programming language.

This is my vps details

  • 16GB RAM
  • 6vCPU Cores
  • 400GB SSD
  • 32TB traffic

You can contact me at my twitter or at my discord takumi#8686 and also telegram @grllllgang hit me up if you guys got some question.

good ganang bekbekbekbek to the moon lets go! :slight_smile:

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