[AIT2] Validator ara0

Hello Aptos Explorers!
My name is Oleg, I am from Ukraine.
I became a crypto adventurer like many others during the 2020. I came to the world of nodes in about 4 months.
The fundamental of the Aptos project and the funds that invested in the project give an understanding of its prospects and relevance. I have been watching Aptos for more than a year and I want to become part of the project.

I have experience in:
Crypto investor, node operator since 2020. Participated in many testnets, devnets, ambassador programs.
Languages: Ukraine, russian, English (B2)
My telegram @Lurts_thug
Twitter @Lurts_thug
At the moment I held / hold the following nodes: Minima, Massa, Gear, StarkNet, Subspace, Sui, Masa finance Penumbra.

*Technical details: i use VPS and dedicated servers (8 cores/30 GB/800 GB) OS: Ubuntu 20.04 (64 Bit)

Good luck everyone and thanks for the votes!


Прийдеться увеличивать мощность в будущем.

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