[AIT2] Validator AptosPS

I am Pavel :vulcan_salute:

I am active at Aptos discord channel to help in setting up and troubleshooting nodes.

Why pick my validator ?
I have a big experience in blockchain/mining/investing since 2017.
I hosted different validator and testnet nodes since 2021 in different blockchain (Etherium, TON, IronFish, Subspace)

I am working in IT as DevOps engineer.
I have strong infrastructure throughRussian Tier III datacenters.
I can communicate in English and Russian :slight_smile:
Fast answer in discord and telegram.

Thanks for pressing Vote button above!


Is voting will end on 11th July?

Супер, все Понятно!)

Go on​:clap::fist::+1: good luck!:+1::+1:

Благодарю за поддержку.