[ AIT2] Validator-Aptos-Oleg

Hey there!

My Name is Oleg and I’m from Estonia. Nice to meet you, Aptos community! I am into blockchain world since the middle of 2021, and have been fascinated since then. I see Aptos project as a gem with tremendous prospects! I am a software developer and DevOps engineer with 10+ years of experience with strong Linux skills. My servers are located in Helsinki, Finland with a reliable tier-2 provider.

Find me in Discord (Morbio#1953) or Telegram (@Morbio). Languages: English, Estonian, Russian. Good luck to all the candidates!



Oleg was very helpful while consulting on various Cosmos SDK based chains. Always happy to provide deep technical knowledge on Linux servers and best practices on how to keep stable and reliable validator nodes. Highly recommended, as this person provides real value to the community.