[AIT2] Validator AppsDevMob

My name is AppsDevMob

Name node: appsdevmob
Discord: appsdevmob#9098

I am DevOps, my skills

DevOps Engineer / Head of Department

  • implementation of DevOps and agile practices (CI/CD, IaC, Kanban), team recruitment;
  • project migration from monolithic architecture, migration of first microservices to cluster;
  • Building and delivery automation (webhooks, Jenkins, Maven, WildFly, OpenShift 4);
  • configuration and deployment automation (Ansible);
  • working with containerized applications (Docker);
  • writing parameterized OpenShift deployment configurations (deployments, deploymentconfigs);
  • connecting the project to the Istio service mesh, traffic management (ingress, egress, gateways, virtual services, service entries, routes);
  • working with artifacts (Nexus);
  • implementation of monitoring tools (Prometheus);
  • implementation of code security auditing tools (SAST Checkmarx);
  • configuring the security of inter-service communications (certificates, secrets, OTT tokens);
  • scripting (sh);
  • Linux instances administration (RHEL, systemd);
  • DBMS administration (PostgreSQL, Oracle);
  • working with repositories (Git, Bitbucket) and bug tracking/project management systems (JIRA).

Goode profile. Keep it up


Well done never give up anyway


Отлично! Я поддерживаю

Is it right, that i can stake APT with this validator? And i will no have risk to lose my coins?))

It may be a problem some where

Hello All, how are you?

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@marekkruk We are all doing great


Super, :money_mouth_face: me too

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realy good prroject