[AIT2] Validator annashcherbyna92

Hello! My name is Anna, a validator from Ukraine. I know Russian, English and Ukrainian. In 2016 she defended her master’s degree in the specialty - artificial intelligence systems.
I am a dedicated fan of Aptos. I have been following Aptos since its launch. I have 2 years of experience in running nodes, testing and promoting projects in the early stages. I have experience in managing and maintaining remote servers. I was very lucky to participate in the AIT1 testnet. In addition, there have been many successes, since 2020 I have successfully participated in many large projects (Aleo, massa, hopr, mina, casper, , meson, moonbeam, nym… I hope that I can successfully join the AIT2 testnet and have a proper how to prepare for the mainnet that will be launched in the near future and I want to become a qualified investor in Aptos and be able to make a small contribution to Aptos.
Technical details: I use VDS and dedicated servers (8-16 cores / raid1) in Tier III data centers, Ubuntu 20.04 and Nagios/Prometheus for monitoring.
My telegram @anna_shcherbyna