[AIT2] Validator AlwaysBeDream

Hello everyone, I am a web developer and an IT student who is interested in crypto. active as a crypto investor as well as NFT’s enthusiasm. I am also active in participating in the testnet program as a tester in various crypto projects. successful as node runner for forta.network and now active as node operator for kyve.network’s korellia program. very familiar with the Linux operating system so it is quite good at problem solving if a problem occurs. not only the two projects above, I also actively run nodes for several projects such as Sei Network, Sui network, quicksilver, meson, Masa Finance, Massa Labs, Minima, SubQuery and others. here’s my twitter https://twitter.com/GM_Aji123 , on twitter I actively share crypto projects. I’m from Indonesia and I speak Indonesian and English.

Here’s My Technical Details :

  • 6vCPU Cores
  • 16GB RAM
  • 400GB SSD
  • 2 Snapshots
  • 32TB traffic
  • Contabo (Platforms)

feel free to contact me at discord (AlwaysBeDream#1641) or telegram (@nope_404), I will help as best I can.

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