[AIT2] Validator Alexfor

Hey There! My name is Anastasia. Nice to meet you ALL, Aptos Community!

  • I’am literally crypto lover! Would be happy to have a new cool experience in trying new things and learning about Blockchain projects. Also I have a big experience as a node operator (nodes running) of Bitcountry, Aleo, Ironfish, Evmos, Masa Finance, Moonbeam, Massa, Celestia…, as an ambassador of variety projects like KOII Network, Goldfinch, Subquery, Manta Network.

The basis of my work is 24/7 monitoring, on-time updates, transparency.
I always take a part in tokensales, look for new cool and perspective projects
Feel free to text me if it’s necessary on Discord: Anastasia Min #3659

Thank you for your time!