[AIT2] Validate and Save the Planet! 🪐

Hello! Why pick my validator?

I have been following Aptos Labs for some time. I have extensive experience as a system administrator, node operator, and as a developer: but over the past few years I have had much passion for the crypto space.

We have been participating and running nodes because we want to be ready to offer our services as node runners after main net. We have years of experience running nodes together in our company. We offer boutique fully-managed validator node running as a service in any cloud or data center. We also provide consulting for customers who want ideal placement for optimal latency and decentralization. We use 10% of all validator earnings on carbon offsets to help protect our planet. Our clients are private, but we run and manage high performance validators via colocation across multiple projects- top nodes/stake pools in Solana, Kusama, Cardano and more. One day we hope we can offer to the public like stake.fish does, but for now clients enjoy our service very much.

I was selected for AIT1, and I hope we can repeat it for AIT2. For AIT1 and AIT2, I run a node in Lagos because it is home for me, and we want to represent my home! :nigeria:

Vote for us for a better tomorrow!
okay, maybe I go too far :smile_cat: