[AIT2]🇺🇦 Valeryevna🇺🇦

Greetings from Ukraine!) My name is Svitlana Valeryevna, I am a Ukrainian node operator for last two years.
I worked with projects such as: 1.Minima, 2.Massa, 3.BitCountry, 4.Zeitgeist, 5.Solana, 6.Casper, 7.Axelar, 8.SSV, 9.Evmos,10.Kyve etc.

Now I am in Kyiv and continue my work, help my country and help to develop new projects, I hope to cooperate with APTOS project and ask you to support Ukrainian node operators.

  • Location: Ukraine.
  • Languages: Ukrainian, English, russian.
  • Communication Channels: @Miss_valeryevnaa (Telegram), @miss_S76890 (Twitter)
  • Technical Details :
    Server type: VPS L SSD
    Location: Nuremberg
    CPU: 8 vCPU Cores
    RAM: 30 GB RAM
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Good introducing, good luck!

Good job! I hope you will be validator