[AIT2] UniTech Validator

Hi! UniTech is a classical DAO with its own truly unique features and individual approach backed by incredible experience in cryptomarket.

The heart of our ecosystem is a truly unique, one its kind - Uni4tech Bot
This bot allows you to have anything there is about crypto in your Telegram:

An opportunity of collective investing into various cryptocurrency projects. We became investors in such projects as Pikaster, Newcoin, Youminter, The Graph, Defiyield, Fusotao, 5ire, Portal, NFTB

a service that allows you to find and structure information from all corners of Twitter and Telegram in one place

A variety of materials (articles, video, guides etc.)

In this section, our own chat where you can place an ad about buying/selling a digital asset

This is a unique tool for conducting your personal draws, for your audience and more

We have successfully launched nodes in the following projects: Solana, HydraDX, Nym, Aleo, Ironfish, Taraxa, Massa, Masa, , Streamr, HOPR, Celestia, Sifchain
Our validator: UniTech
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