[AIT2] uda4n1k Validator

Hello guys!
My name is Artem and I’m applying for AIT2.

About me
I’m a student from Kyiv, Ukraine who is in crypto since 2020. I believe that nodes are the best activity in current market situation and that’s why I’m here. Hope you will support me!

I am an experienced node enthusiast who currently runs nodes for Subspace, KYVE, Archway, Starknet, Masa Finance, Massa, Sui, Ironfish, Minima and, of course, APTOS.

Technical details
VPS: 6/16/600
VDS: AMD EPYC 7282 2.8 GHz

Me and APTOS
I found out about APTOS in March ‘22 and I’ve been running a node since then. I took part in devnet and also applied for AIT1. Although I did not pass I’m not going to give up.
I share APTOS’ visionary and sincerely support their ideas of L1 blockchain.

Discord: uda4n1k#8559
Telegram: @artemkarabulia
Twitter: https://twitter.com/artemmetra2
Medium: Artem Karabulia – Medium

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