[AIT2] tutburiram

Hello comminity of Aptos!
I have a lot of experience in the testnets of new blockchains. I’m also constantly on the lookout for new upcoming projects with teams like Nodsguru. I have been learning for a long time and will easily be able to maintain the state of my operator node in good condition.

I was in AIT1 and Devnet of Aptos. This is a chance to become a part of history in this project. And it’s very cool, cuz i really believe that Aptos will become to successin web3 and future technology.

Aptos is one of the most serious projects that are currently undergoing a test part. I have to take part in it, this is too cool a project to pass it by.

My location: Thailand
Lang: Thai, Phillipine, English
My discord: tutburiram182#3257
My tiwtter: @tutburiram182

Comminity groups: NodesGuru, DropsEarn

Node of Aptos located: Germany