[AIT2] Tsheljabinsk - fullnode & validator

Hello everyone!

I’m a well-experienced software developer who has been in the crypto space since the early days of 2016. Back in the day, I started mining Ethereum in our garage, and have run nodes mostly since 2020 with Solana’s testnet and Oasis’ testnet being perhaps the most well-known ones. From current testnets I’m running nodes on Forta (+20 nodes), Starknet and Subspace.

What interests me in Aptos is the chance to be early in something truly decentralized, and at the same time be scalable and with quick block times, which is pretty rare among layer one blockchains these days. Solana was an interesting concept but we’ve seen that fundamentally it just doesn’t work.

Looking forward to running nodes on AIT2 and much beyond that!


Best of luck to you bro

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Great keep up the testnet bro

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Hope it works. Goodluck.