[AIT2] triplekill5778

Hello dear community!
I am worthy to become an Aptos validator because my experience with nodes and miners is already about 1 year. I am a NYM mainnet node validator with delegation from NodeGuru for 50k =D, also I was an early contributor in the Finney and Milhon phases where I got the NFT “5000 Nodes” as an early supporter. I have NFT from participating in other events like Goldfinch, Aleo,
At the moment I am participating in such projects as IronFish, Kira Network, Aleo, Massa, Humannoud, Starknet, KYVE, Syncswap, Starkswap, ZKsync and others.
I am a member of a large number of crypto community chats, from where I follow all the important announcements and events in the crypto world.
My twitter is @LiveForDharma and my discord is TripleKill#5778. In discord of Aptos i posted some memes and creativity ^-^ like this: Discord
Also i am stying with Aptos from the devnet, i was try to get a place in AIT1, i runned my node, but did not get lucky =D
I am passionate about the crypto industry and want to become a part of such a global project as Aptos. Really cool to be here! =)