[AIT2] TomatoMan

About me.
Hello, my name is Serezha, I am 18 years old. I am a college student majoring in management. I’ve been in cryptocurrency for a little over half a year, but during this time I managed to gain experience and fill bumps :sweat_smile:. On the one hand, it may seem that I have little experience, but in fact, all these six months with a tail, I worked tirelessly, went through ups and downs. I started without starting capital, but already in the 3rd month I managed to earn $3200 on NFT, after which I continued to develop in this topic. My first experience with nodes was related to a simple Minima node, which I installed on a tablet back in December 2021. All this time, I bypassed the nodes, because I thought that nothing would work out for me, I thought that only IT specialists and programmers could become a node validator. But in one Telegram public there was a post about the Aptos project, it was written very eloquently and I decided to try it. And I did it :smiley:! There was no limit to my surprise, because besides the fact that it was not so difficult, it was also very interesting :heart_eyes:! I have already signed up for 2 free ‘command line’ courses, I`m reading a lot of articles (organizing nodes, blockchains) and learning Aptos!

Geography (languages).
I’m from Ukraine. My languages: Russian and Ukrainian (native), English (intermediate).

My works on Aptos.
Coming soon…

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