[AIT2] toadie11

Hello everyone,

Let’s cut the crap. Everyone wants to get votes and I don’t know why you should vote for me instead of someone else. But below here is a small description of me.

My name is Toad and I am actually a pharmacist. I really enjoy coding and that’s why I changed my career. I have been in crypto since 2017 as an investor, but since 2021 I’ve been developing, mining and running nodes. Right now I am making my own crypto project called Choiverse.

It is really difficult to go from a pharmacy background into crypto. I’d love to experience and learn more, that’s why I want to join AIT2. I also participated into AIT1 to learn how to run a node. It took me 3 whole days to get it running. I learned a lot and would like to learn more. Getting into AIT2 will help my progress.




Lets gogogo!

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