[AIT2] TimurAptosYIC2

We are a team of young investors from Russia. For 2 years we have been helping the community in the world of crypto:

  • We find and share information about the most interesting projects
  • We help with all technical and practical aspects of helping the projects. Text articles and videos, guides on installing nodes, etc.
  • Organize IRL and online meetings for projects, telling the audience about them.

Our team works in all parts of crypto-industry. Testnets, ambassad programs, nodes, validation.

At this moment we running nodes for: Starknet, Masa, SubSpace, Gear, Forta, Oasys, IronFish, Espresso and others.

We help projects and hold top roles at Aleo, Connext, Kosen Labs, Moonbeam, EthSign, Porter Finance, Sinso and others. We’ve also helped our community to take roles as an Ambassador and Moderator for these projects.

We took part in the Aptos from the start of devnet. And we told about it to our community already in March.

Our organization is Young Investors Club LLC.
Here are our social networks (13 000+ followers) :
Instagram: Login • Instagram
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @young_investors_cIub

We use a whole team for perfect node retention with constant monitoring, updates and more.

Technical details:
We are using VPS and VDS servers, always make backups and use any kind of tools for monitoring.

We will be very glad to be a part of Aptos and help the project now and in the future.

Thank you for voting for us, Young Investors Club team.


Thank you for your work :heart_eyes:


great information, thanks lfg

great information, thanks for the work

A noble cause, good luck in developing your project and qualifying for AIT2)

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Have a good luck, guys :slight_smile:

Thank you, good luck u too :smile:

thanks for you job, your team is the best for begginers in crypto!

Спасибо! Очень много полезной инфы!