[AIT2] Timkot Validator

Hello everyone! In my past experience I have been helping out diffent blockchains such as Hopr, Nym, Aleo, Solana (Mainnet and Testnet), Massa, Masa, Pontem, Aptos (Devnet) and Swarm by running validators, nodes to support productivity and perfomance of the network, as well in 1st Incentivised testnet I`ve applied to participate but suddenly I did not get it.

One of my main aspects of job is Community management where I contribute for projects such as Solana (I am working there) , Goldfinch, Talent procol.

I speak English, Russian and Spanish and will be able to provide support to you if needed via following social media channels
Telegram - Saintymarketing
Discord - timkot#0535
Twitter - timkot_eth