[AIT2] tibido Validator ⚠

Hi! Active noderunner in many netwroks ( Cosmos, Polkadot, ETH) also testers wallets and Dapps.
Can work 24/7, can translate topics, create unique gifs and videos ( it’s also important).NFT collector Know 4 languages ( English, Russian, Spain and Ukranian ). Now located in Polland , Helen 30 years and two little childrens.
Technical skills in a short - careful reading of the documentation ! installing ubunru, setting user and rules, installing node, installing monitoring
Using VPS with 8 cores, 32 RAM and 200 GB space
Discord Guryev#9198 (my father name ) and telegram @lenkinbest
For the APTOS


Maybe you must your topic more stronger?))) Jr change serv ?

I like yours config :boom: