[AIT2] theRusya Validator πŸ‡·πŸ‡Ί

My name is Ruslan. RU/ENG

  • For 15 years in IT, I went from a support operator to the head of the IT department, after which I devoted myself completely to crypto.
  • Since 2019, I have been working for myself, investing in cryptocurrency, mining and participating in a variety of tests - Theta, Avalanche, Keep, Solana (mainnet soon), IronFish, Massa, Subspace and I plan more!
  • I am happy to help people in Russian, general and node-support discord channels, as well as in Russian-language telegram channels.
  • I place all nodes on high end desktop home servers, I have 2 gigabit Internet channels, equipment for uninterrupted power supply. Monitoring via grafana/prometheus

Discord: theRusya#1498

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Hey, man! I know you! :wink: