[AIT2] The Milky Way Gang Validator

The Milky Way Gang have been working together for a few years for a cybersecurity company. Jev is a DevSecOps and Jordan’s background outside of crypto has been product management, but also DevOps related, he founded a startup focused on developing infrastructure as code tooling. We absolutely love this project, team and community! Please trust and support us with your vote, it means the world to us.

We run collators and validators for various projects in the web3 space. We have a focus on community! Please join our discord to see. We do monthly giveaways with our community where we give a large amount of rewards to our stakers in a fun way!

Our website: https://themilkywaygang.com/
Discord TheMilkyWayGang

Tech stuff For better resiliency, we decided to add an additional backup server in another location that is beyond the initial requirement. Our servers went through an intense hardening procedure in order to follow high-security standards.

Main: Intel E2386G - 1TB RAID NVMe - UK

Backup: AMD Ryzen 5950X - 1TB RAID NVMe - Holland

Collecting metrics & analysing performance of our servers and services.

On duty 24/7

Please vote for us!