[AIT2] Terminet Validator

Hello, Aptos Community

Validator Name: Terminet

Website: https://terminet.io/

Terminet is a professional Staking and ecosystem service provider. The core team consists of experienced developers, product and operations experts and blockchain enthusiasts with more than 5 years of experience in the blockchain industry.

Terminet has years of technical expertise in distributed high performance computing, node infrastructure, network, hardware, API support and storage for the Web 3 ecosystem, and is dedicated to helping investors and ordinary Token holders profit from digital assets. Build a reliable, secure and easy-to-use web3 infrastructure service layer to lower web3 connecting barriers and web3 application development thresholds, powering web3 development.

We have become a validator of 18 protocols, including:

MainNet: PlatON, Oasis, Stafi Protocol, Cosmos hub, IRISNet, Fetch.ai, Lum network, Rizon, Findora, Certik(Shentu), Gravity Bridge etc.
Testnet: ETH2.0 Beacon Chain, SSV , Axelar, StaFihub, Razor , BlockPI, SUI etc.

In order to ensure the stable, reliable and safe operation of nodes, Terminet adopts high-performance enterprise-level hardware deployment nodes, and adopts a distributed multi-cloud security deployment architecture. It is equipped with 7x24 hours of real-time monitoring and alarms, and operation and maintenance personnel can respond within 30 minutes. and processing. All validators that have supported the protocol have maintained 99.8% uptime so far without any penalty.

In addition, we are building Web3 infrastructure platform to provide reliable API service and one-stop Staking management platform for the community. Stay tuned!

We are looking forward to joining the Aptos test network as a validator, and we believe the Aptos network will bring new changes to the whole blockchain industry. We plan to grow with Aptos.

Please give vote for us,Thanks :two_hearts:

Social media :globe_with_meridians:


GitHub: Terminet · GitHub

Medium: https://medium.com/@Terminet

Chat & Contact us :call_me_hand:

Language: Chinese & English

Discord: Terminet

Telegram: Telegram: Join Group Chat

Email: Support@terminet.io


Terminet, a professional node operator, support!


Hope that terminet is getting better and better!
The Chinese node tutorial document is easy to understand.


Cool, I like the team of Terminet. Looking forward to your activities :nerd_face:


very great,ope that terminet is getting better and better!

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Terminet Validator Trustworthy !

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Very professional node

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So cool !!! professional !!!

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good luck to you.aptos is nice

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The contribution of terminet in other chains is obvious to all, and I sincerely hope that he will become a validator of aptos

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vote for you.have a good time :wink: :wink: :wink:

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Thanks to all~~~ :call_me_hand: :call_me_hand: