[AIT2] terdim28

Hello, my name is Dmitry.

For more than 2 years I have been participating in testnets of crypto products.
I’m an Evmos genesis validator and now I’m validating a node on the mainnet. Participated in testnets in more than 20 projects:
NYM, Massa, Hopr, MINA, Aleo, Ironfish, Celestia, Chainflip, Minima;
Cosmos ecosystem: Umee, Agoric, Evmos, Idep, Omniflix;
Polkadot ecosystem: Polkadex, Bit.country, Pontem, Subspace;
Etherium ecosystem: Vega

I like Aptos idea, philosophy and business approach and want to be part of a big project.
I will be glad if you support me with your vote.

E-mail: terdim28@gmail.com
Telegram: @dimetty
Discord: tRDM#2598
Twitter: https://twitter.com/tRDM_2598


Participation in tests in more than 20 projects is the result