[AIT2] tenequm Validator

Hi all, I’m an individual contributor from Ukraine.
I have an extensive experience acting as a Senior/Lead DevOps engineer building and hosting complex infrastructure for fintech product solutions.
My LinkedIn profile should provide a better overview of my achievements on that role.

General Information:
Website: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tenequm/
Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
Languages: English, Ukrainian, Russian

Communication channels:
Discord: tenequm#0001
Telegram: @tenequm
Github: tenequm (Misha Kolesnik) · GitHub

Technical Details:
I use a separate Hetzner VM with dedicated vCPUs to ensure maximum performance and reliability of the installation.
Grafana Cloud is my main monitoring solution with proper alerting configured to provide the best possible SLA of the node.


Nice to see you
Good luck!)
Have a nice day

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Good luck!)
Have a nice day

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How do you plan to manage resources? What programs do I use?

I have my own prepared scripts to automatically provision and operate nodes.