[AIT2] TataMartins Validator

Hello to everyone! I’m Tata from Italy but i’m traveling around the EU all year for work and needs. I’m data analyst and developer. With my cousin that work in cyber security we decided to run different nodes.
Now it’s time also for Aptos.

I’m in the crypto space since 2017 and have more than 2 year of experience in running nodes: Moonbeam, Plasm, Ironfish, Evmos and others. I also participated in many other testnets and devnets. Feedback is the KEY!

I also built different Italian community where i share info and traslate for them.

Technical Details:
CPU Model : AMD EPYC 7282 16-Core Processor
CPU Cores : 6 @ 2794.748 MHz
Total Disk : 350 GB
Total Mem : 16 GB
OS : Ubuntu Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
Location : Stockholm / Sweden
(I can increase the power)

About me:


Hi, I wanted to Vote for you, but there is no such button. Seems, you created page without required tag for AIT2