[AIT2] Tappokone

Hi all! Finnish crypto veteran here all the way from 2013. Innit for the tech since the very beginning so no riches accumulated but a lot of interesting experiences to say the least.

I’ve participated in a handful of testnets with my own homelab (2 pcs. of HPE Proliant etc.). I know linux and server hardware like the back of my hand. Currently running validator (from source) at home and fullnode with docker in a VPS.

Everything I do has always been for the long term. That is also the case with Aptos so you can expect a stable node and an engaging person behind it. Let’s make Aptos the best L1!

2013… damn, that’s long in the game. A couple of pieces of HPE Proliant and a handy guy should do the job pretty well. GL!

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Thanks for the kind words! Hoping for better luck than with AIT1 :slight_smile: