[AIT2] surkatovillya

I have experience in node operation in another testnets and mainnets in differents blockchains. I know ubuntu pretty well and can easily monitoring my nodes.
I participated in AIT1 also i follow Aptos from Devnet reliase. I think Aptos is a new level on layer1 blockchains with scale, fast, power, decentralize and I want to be part of testnet on it.
At the moment, Aptos is the leader of the crypto industry in testnets. This is a next level project with scalability. decentralization and big plans for the future. I am really happy to be here.

Discord: surkatovillya122333#0841
Twitter: https://twitter.com/IliyaSkuratov
Languages: English, Russian

Server for my node have only one node on server, located in Germany