[AIT2] supressatanode validator

Hi Everyone! My name is Emiliano, I’m Italian but I’ve been living in the UK for some time now. I speak 3 languages: Italian, Spanish, and English. Although my background is in Quantitative Finance, I currently work for a cryptocurrency brokerage company in London, Bequant, where I truly enjoy the work I do and the environment in general. I’ve been active in the cryptocurrency space since 2017. Cryptos and Blockchain tehcnologies greatly fascinate me, and what I love the most is the incredible amount of innovation that this space brings to the world. I’m quite confident that Aptos and his team has a bright future ahead.

You can contact me on Telgram .

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pizza, mandolino, mafia, Berlusconi.
I like it

ahahahah, I’m glad you like it!