[AIT2] Suntzu Validator


I’m Suntzu from AZclub.pro

AZCLUB is a decentralized organization providing you with validation and staking services, blockchain consultation, growth acceleration and investment capital for innovative Web 3.0 projects. You can check our website (https://azclub.pro/).

I have 7 years in software engineering, 3 years of experience in running node and participating in testnet, developing project support tools. I am Indexer at Thegraph, Validator of Harmony, Statfi and Moderator at Axelar (testnet) and other projects like Avalanche,Solana, umee, evmos, Subquery. By participating in node implementations, validators of many projects and various blockchains, I have a lot of experience in this.

I’m using dedicated servers at Hetzner ( Helsinki ) ( 64 cores - 128Gb ram / 12 TB raid 0 ) , Ubuntu 20.04 and Prometheus/Grafana + Netdata for monitoring and alert.

My discord: SunTzu | AZClub.pro#1022
Website : https://azclub.pro/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/suntzu_azclub

Thanks for Vote :slight_smile:


i can confirm that this is a great node operator, upvoted!

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Aide a choisi de bon projets