[AIT2] STMNODE Validator

I am Stan, and I’d like to meet you all!

:wave: General information:
Location: Russia, Languages: Russian, English, a little bit French and a couple words is German|Spanish
I guess everybody here is experienced in unix/linux/security so it wouldn’t be my “pair of ace” :worried: I started as 31337h4x0r in 1999 year, was a one of the first btc miners, anyway I have lost all my data since that, long story, anyway, I am off crypto in 2010-11, and back in 2021 again. I am glad to be here, be the part of community, and having time with you guys!
If you will support me I will support you. I will do my best as a validator, and that all I can say.

:wave: Communication Channels
My telegram @MarininSA
Discord stanislavmarinin#1653

:wave: Technical Details
What’s about my validator? Well it is VDS 8/8/250 in datacenter, with AMD Epyc aboard and 1gbit. No one be surprised :upside_down_face:

So wote for me if you’d liked my post!
Take care guys!


You have my vote! :heartpulse: Hope you will get a luck!