[AIT2] starmap validator

Hi! This is starmap. I am currently a PhD student in CS and I’ve been dabbling in the crypto space since ~2018 (trading, mining ,moderating &making some friends). I have experience setting up servers/environment, scripting and running large scale concurrent experiments. I am comfortable with debugging issues and making changes on demand.

I had experience with running node for other cryptocurrency such as QRL(quantum resistant ledger) just to support the project as I am a big fan of security&privacy.

Since I a moderator/tech support staff for some Large NFT projects (Eg. Phantabear) , I check discord for update on a daily basis and would be swift to respond if you guys need us to update validation node setting/run certain tests.

As for language, I am fluent in English and Mandarin, also speaks Japanese at a basic conversational level.

Server Detail:
4 CPU/8GB RAM/300 G/Ubuntu 20.04 (could scale up if needed)
Server Location: South America on GCP

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Let me also talk a little bit about why I am interested in building with the the Aptos network.

The first time a heard about Move Language was during the last bull run when it is released with the Libra/Diem network by Facebook. I am impressed by the elegant design of the language as a state machine where resources are only moved not destroyed or copied, so that it would never be possible to violate the scarcity rule. It is cool that scarcity rule become an inherent part of the langauge which would greatly aid the developer who are wishing to developer things like NFT on top of the language in terms of security.

So I am glad that Aptos adopted Move and built along with it. I love the security and usability centric focus of the Aptos network. One of the major hurdle in block chain such as eth is its transaction throughout speed, which make on-chain gaming etc difficult. But Aptos has been working to improve this by creating its own authenticated data structure.

So I would really love to be an early adopter of this network and build along with it.