[AIT2] staoath Validator

I am Seungjun OH from Korea. I started investing in cryptocurrency in 2017 and is currently working as a community management and crypto research. As a member of the blockchain community for a long time, I know the importance of the community better than anyone else. I also realize that the market is maturing and the level of users is increasing. However, there is still no clear solution to blockchain scalability. The Layer 1 chains complementing ethereum’s shortcomings failed to bring Ethereum’s TVL because they were less decentralized or had low stable chain. Therefore, community members are eagerly waiting for the Layer 1 chain to solve this problem. Testnet applied because I wanted to know if Aptos will be the Layer 1 community members are looking for. In the past, I have experience of communicating with community members while operating a node, so I want to use the power of the community and contribute to the Aptos ecosystem.

General Information

I have a master’s degree in bioinformatics, so I am proficient in several programming languages ​​such as R, MATLAB, and Python. I mainly analyzed in Ubuntu environment and experienced blockchain node in several layer 1 projects.