[AIT2] stanislove

I’m a software engineer with more than 10 years of experience working in big tech companies and small startups, mostly in backend area. Participated in all software development cycles: design, POC(es), development, delivery and maintenance. Worked with big data, cloud, developed and maintained highly loaded distributed systems. Have a huge experience in ops, fixing and optimising application running in prod that affects thousands of customers. Some of my recent participations in crypto space include: archway (was 15th by uptime), forta, defund, massa, masa, subspace, ironfish.

I speak Russian, English and located in Portugal.

As for servers for a testnet I usually pick something from hetzner / contabo / pg / g-core depending on network, disc, cpu requirements. For the mainnet it would be aws to maximise availability and scalability. For the monitoring I use grafana + prometheus. Have a well tested on call workflow to recover from issues as fast as possible.

For any question feel free to reach me through my telegram: @sstashewski