[AIT2] stakr.space validator

STAKR.space participates in 65+ different Networks

Current mainnets:
Solana - Bocachica Approved, Foundation Delegated, Liquid Staking Delegated
Velas - Foundation Delegated
Everscale (exFreeTON) - Magister Ludi, Depool contest and RustCup winner
Omniflix - Approved Mainnet Validator
Persistence AssetMantle - Approved Mainnet and Community Validator
Galaxy - Approved Mainnet Validator
Nym Mixnode+Gateway - Rewarded testnet validator
Tgrade - Approved Mainnet Validator
Passage - Approved Mainnet Validator

Inactive mainnet validators due to stake discrimination:
Mina - Genesis Founding Member, QA task force - redelegating ATM due to stake overconcentration in network
Sifchain - Self-funded and community validator
Syntropy.network - Amber Chain self-funded validator
Umee - Self-funded validator, genesis participant
Crescent - Self-funded validator

48+ finished or developing test-nets:
More info at GitHub - papanomad535/stakr.space-validator-identity

Reach out in RU/EN/ES:

Some technical details:

Secure, reliable, fast - located in EU mostly

Hardware located in Tier3/4 data centers helps with it, 99.99% network uptime with low latency multi-reserved data channels gives the unlimited possibility to process the blocks at the necessary speed. Security audited to protect customer’s data assets, all backed up, defended from attacks.

Security policy disclosure link


Carefully selected enterprise-grade servers to make the chains work fast and stable


Win more reward with us adding your coins and maximizing the total stake volume