[AIT2] Stakewithjenni

Our team members have Rich Server Management Experience. Our experience working with Top companies helped us while running validators. We know exactly how to manage systems, take regular backups and setup notifications for different events. We invest a lot of resources in infrastructure. Our team ensures each of our delegators get the best infrastructure available. We ensure that staking rewards are generated continuously without any performance-related risks.

we operate the website http://aptos.tools/ ( Tools built by community for the community)
the website has a list of Aptos related resources and tools for everyone made by community pioneers.Any one can add their services to the list just fill this Form.
Kindly dm us at jenni#0900 in Discord for any query. you can join our telegram Telegram: Contact @stakewithjenni

We have been validating different Networks since last 2 years. Currently we validate Mina Protocol, Casper Network, Axelar,Cudos,Taraxa,UmeeAgoric and Marlin Network.