[AIT2] StakeCraft Validator

Hello everyone!

A small brief about StakeCraft
StakeCraft validator’s team consists of geeks with vast experience in developing and managing digital data and has a rich technical background. Everyone has been involved in crypto at least since 2017.
We have certificates from Cisco and Kubernetes and experience with Linux and cloud platforms for more than 5 years.
Our team has earned recognition in the crypto community as the reliable team that approaches with the highest responsibility for all tasks.
We are supporters of decentralization; we support projects by participating in consensus and actively participating in governance protocols.

Projects we validating
• Solana
• Kava
• Kusama
• Band Protocol
• Astar
• Polkadot
• Calamari
• Moonriver
• Q Network
• Centrifuge
• Ki Foundation
• Agoric
• Velas
• E-money
• Polkadex
• StaFi
• XX Network
• Juno
• Stargaze
• Microtick
• Bitsong
• Desmos
• Pocket Network
• Lum Network
More to come soon…

We also actively participate in Testnets and take part in growing project communities as ambassadors.
Since we are focused on long-term and productive cooperation, we provide additional services for supported projects, for example, a snapshot service, relayers, etc.

:white_check_mark:We use Prometheus and Grafana for monitoring.
:white_check_mark:We also have our custom-made 24/7 real-time monitoring system, that operates from a separate secured environment.
:white_check_mark:We have our private discord channel where we track all updates in supported networks. So we implement updates almost immediately.
We’re always on alert.

In addition, I would like to say that our principles are to help decentralize the project network, and we are not chasing an instant profit.

Please check our website https://stakecraft.com where you can find additional information about us.


StakeCraft is a well-known professional validator in the ecosystem. We fully support their participation.

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I fully agree, my vote is for you