[AIT2] Spectrum

Hello Aptos community,
Spectrum Staking is a professional blockchain validator entity currently validating on multiple Mainnet networks. We are a team of highly experienced SRE with 15+ years of experience (every team member) operating highly-reliable IP networks, systems and cloud-based environments. Our current Mainnet portfolio includes Solana, Oasis Protocol, XX Network, Gravity Bridge as well as us being a Verified Operator of SSV Network. Our Solana validator is currently one of the top validators based on performance and availability: https://twitter.com/SpectrumStaking/status/1543340605178363907?s=20&t=MgpdGuuA2INoJ8O05khaxw
In addition to that, we have successfully participated in multiple testnet exercises discovering and reporting bugs and issues in the process, with examples being:

Website: https://spectrumstaking.net/
Language: English
Location: Ireland
Communication: Spectrum Staking

For Aptos AIT2, we have prepared a dedicated machine in located in Singapore to support network decentralisation. We plan to run full node as well in AMER location to test if network latency between validator in APAC and full node in AMER would impact the correct full node operation. We do implement Prometheus/Alertmanager/PagerDuty stack for monitoring and alerting for abnormal host and service conditions.


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