[AIT2] spcfxy validator

I’m Space Foxy, aka Ruslana from Ukraine.

I speak Ukrainian, English, Deutsch and Russian.

I’m interested in new technologies and crypto is my love :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I was tester in multiple projects and run different test nodes: Kyve, Kujira, Althea, Klever, Gear.
Usually I forced to use VPS to decrease costs, but powerful machines 64 Cores 64 Gb RAM are my love <3

For Aptos I prepeared 8 Core 16 Gb 300 NVMe server, how it will be enough for smooth AIT2.

Contact me by mail: spacefoxer2k@gmail.com or discord spcfx2k#1710

Up vote me please!

Another day passed, tomorrow we will know who will pass to AIT2… Fingers crossed