[AIT2] SPARMIT validator


  • Our experience with nodes maintenance is around 33 months.
  • We are active members of Russian crypto-communities like Nodes Guru, Let’s node, DropsEarn, CyberRomanov and other…, communities. We try to give a part at all promising projects and participate in the testnets, translate some documents and written own.
  • CryptoEnthusiasts since 2017
  • We placed our server in a data center in Europe.
    Thanks in advance for supporting us.
    Leave you link below and i check your application too .
    Twitter: SPARMIT • Twitter
    GitHub: 5PARM1T (SPARMIT ) · GitHub
  • our Team speaks: Russian, Bulgarian, German, English, 0 1 , Spainish, mandarin, latvian, polish

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